VEGAN DEODORANT LOTION for natural odor protection Full Size - 2 ounces, comes in a reusable, amber glass jar. Average of 2 months daily use.

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This creamy deodorant formula comes in the following scents:

✿ Lavender (great for active folks)
✿ Bay (not for sensitive skin)
✿ Natural Man (clean, masculine scent)
✿ Soft Spice (not for sensitive skin)
✿ or...ask for a custom scent.

★ Corn Starch (USA, Organic)
    Zea Mays
★ Shea butter (Fair-trade, Organic)
    Butyrospermum parkii
★ Sweet almond oil (Spain, Organic)
    Prunus dulcis
★ Jojoba oil (USA, Organic)
    Simmondsia chinensis
★ Baking soda (USA, mined)
★ May contain: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Ginger, Bay, Tea Tree or Ylang Ylang essential oils
( Unscented variety does not have essential oils )


★ A tiny dab goes a long way, so use this gel sparingly.
★ Apply to clean, damp skin for best results. We recommend putting it on soon after you shower, especially if you have sensitive skin.
★ With a small bit of gel on your finger tip, rub it onto your skin in gentle circles until you feel it soak in, about 2-3 seconds. If it takes longer, apply less next time.
★ This deodorant expires 2 months after opening.

Not an antiperspirant

Why glass jars? They're much more sustainable than plastic tubes. Though both may be recycled, single-use containers are bad for the environment. Our glass jars are pretty and reusable, adding value to your purchase while reducing your carbon footprint.

Safe Scents for Fragrance-free Workplaces & Sensitive Skin
Though the strong scent that "natural fragrance" provides may delight our noses, it is not so kind to our health or the planet. When we think of a natural fragrance, say strawberry, we imagine someone crushing up strawberries and somehow extracting their yummy smell. But in reality these chemical concoctions are mostly synthesized from petroleum, which earns them a natural spin, since oil does come from the earth's crust. But, we don't agree; in fact, we think that's the kind of marketing hogwash that is all too prevalent today. We only use pure essential oils for our scents and never fragrances or perfumes. Our mild scents are unnoticeable to others and can be worn in fragrance-free workplaces.