Soothing and Sweet Twist Tube or Small Pot No Beeswax Our lips only have 4 layers of skin on them. They are the first thing to dry out when we are dehydrated or ill. It's important to prevent chapped lips, but when they start, it's also important to moisturize them quickly. But, so many lip balms contain beeswax. It's not easy for a vegan to find a balm that doesn't use beeswax while still being natural and effective. Look no further; our sweet lip balms contain no animal or synthetic ingredients!

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Vegetable Glycerin ✿♥●♦
Jojoba Oil ✿●♦ (Simmonsia Sinesis)
Candelilla Wax (Euphorbia Cerifera) ✿♥
Soy Lecithin ✿♥●♦

♥ Food Grade
● Domestic
♦ Organic

No preservatives- product expires 2 months after opening.

More about the ingredients:

• Naturally sweet, organic vegetable glycerin is a clear liquid that separates from vegetable oil when it is turned into soap. It's a great humectant that keeps moisture close to the skin

• Extra-moisturizing power comes from Jojoba oil, which despite its name is actually a natural liquid wax produced by the Simmonsia sinesis shrub, native to the southwest US

• Candelilla Wax is extracted by boiling the wax slipper plant, a native of Mexico, and is a wonderful substitute for beeswax

• Soy Lecithin helps keep all of the ingredients together and has excellent moisturizing properties. Though many animal and GMO sources of lecithin exist, we only use lecithin extracted from organic soy beans

• Comes in a reusable glass jar or a plastic twist tube.

• When applied, this lip balm has a temporary shine that disappears as the balm soaks into the skin.

• This lip balm is not pigmented, but a light color tint can be added by request. Simply message us with the color you would like and we'll let you know if it's doable.

• Other flavors are not currently available.
Of all the "natural" flavors offered by suppliers, we haven't found any that upon closer inspection are truly natural. But we'll keep looking.
For our Peppermint flavor, we use organic essential oil of peppermint. It is steam-distilled and is well-tolerated by most lips. But be aware that allergic reactions can occur with any essential oil. Test the balm on a less conspicuous area first, especially if you're prone to allergies.
The cocoa butter balms are made with unrefined cocoa butter, which has a slight chocolate scent but is not sweet.